Clear Correct Q&A

image of ClearCorrect

What should I expect during treatment? How comfortable are clear correct aligners ; do they hurt? How long will I be in treatment? What is the daily wear schedule?

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Black Triangle Teeth

image of black triangle bioclear treated

How do I close my black triangles ? Teeth gap filling and fixing using a special composite bonding technique. See before and after.

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What Does a Dental Therapist Do?

image of dental therapist in action

A dental therapist can diagnose conditions and formulate treatment plans that are individually tailored, provide preventative and restorative dental care.

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Bioclear Case Study

image of bioclear case study

This case study describes how the Bioclear Method was used to treat a cosmetically failed traditional composite restoration of an upper central incisor.

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What if I need dental treatment while on holiday abroad?

Dental treatment abroad : prevention is better than cure ; be up to date with your dental check-ups and with your own valid travel insurance.

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