Root Canal Therapy

What is a Root Canal?

Our teeth each have a core of blood vessels and nerves at their centre known as the ‘pulp’. It’s one of the reasons our mouths are such a sophisticated yet sensitive area. The ‘pulp’ lives in a small space known as the root canal, and each tooth can have a number of root canals depending on its size and where it sits in your mouth. Usually, your front teeth will be limited to one root canal, but your back teeth may have three or more.  When this pulp of nerves and vessels becomes damaged, there’s a chance they may die leading to a ‘dead tooth’ and usually a nasty infection.

The pulp in your teeth can be damaged in a number of ways, the most common being decay, injury or gum disease. Once the pulp becomes infected, pain and swelling will inevitably follow if not treated quickly.

Root Canal Treatment

The best way to treat a root canal is to get rid of the damaged pulp and with it the bacteria that’s causing the infection. This is done by gently drilling into the top of the tooth to remove the dead tissue, leaving an empty root canal system which can then be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, the tooth is filled and a permanent seal is placed over the top to protect it.  This procedure typically happens in a single visit, though it can be drawn out across two visits if the problem is particularly complex.

Where to get Root Canal Therapy

Any dentist can carry out root canal treatment, but in difficult cases you may be referred to an endodontist; a root canal specialist.  Either way, your first point of call should be a dentist. He or she will take an X-ray of the problem tooth, determining the extent of the problem and what kind of treatment you’ll need. If left too long and you have a ‘dead tooth’ or one that’s severely damaged, a root canal will be the only option.  In very rare cases, your dentist may advise that you have the tooth removed entirely.

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