The Invisible Alternative to Braces

ClearCorrect® is a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you wear
them, each aligner moving your teeth just a little bit at a time.

They’re practically invisible, so most people won’t even know you’re having treatment; they fit you perfectly, making
them more comfortable than regular braces; and they’re removable, so you can eat whatever you like and are able
to clean your teeth normally.

image of ClearCorrect braces

ClearCorrect is a truly viable clear aligner treatment that is effective, affordable and flexible.

ClearCorrect can treat a wide variety of issues that keep people from achieving their ideal smiles. Straighter teeth
don’t just look better, they work better too. Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, wear out quicker,
and are more prone to cavities.

image of ClearCorrect before and after

It it worth it ? See ClearCorrect before, and after…

image of ClearCorrect before and after

ClearCorrect treatment is preceded by a complimentary brief consultation reviewing the options available to you.

ClearCorrect is relatively new to the UK, but has been a more affordable alternative to Invisalign in the US since 2006. They both provide the same effective treatment using discreet clear plastic aligners, but since ClearCorrect laboratory costs are lower, we are able to pass the savings on to the patient.

Our fees start at £1195 for a simple case that may take up to 3 months of treatment. For a moderate case treatment, which may take between 3 and 6 months, the fee would usually be about £2295. And our maximum fee, which would apply to treatments that would take more than 6 months, is £3395.

We offer 0% finance plans to lessen the financial burden of treatments. Find out more about our dental financing.

What to do next

If you are interested in improving your smile then the next step is to arrange a complimentary brief consultation to discuss your suitability for ClearCorrect®, and all the treatment options available to you. Here we will also be able to give you some guidance of the fees involved and how long your treatment might take.

You will then need a full examination to ensure you are dentally fit, before we then complete the assessment for orthodontic treatment. This includes taking photos and moulds of your teeth, and any necessary x-rays to ensure there are no hidden problems. ClearCorrect will then be able to create an interactive treatment set-up which will show the potential outcome, and how many stages are required to achieve this. Once you have approved this we can then instruct ClearCorrect to manufacture your aligners and get your treatment underway!

For more information, check our frequently asked questions about ClearCorrect® aligner treatment.

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We care about your wellbeing and provide premium levels of service and care. We believe that high quality, comprehensive dental treatment is the best way to preserve teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Dental hygiene is at the heart of our preventative care and we believe in treating our patients using the most up to date clinical research and protocols.

We deliver the most comprehensive dental care available in the UK today, with prevention at the heart of the practice philosophy, where quality and care go hand in hand.

A person’s smile and face says a lot about a person, it is one of the first things people notice when they meet someone, and at smile concepts it is our passion if you so wish to make sure your smile is healthy and is the best it can possibly be. This is complimented by being at the forefront of non-surgical facial aesthetics.

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