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Black Triangle Teeth

How do I close my black triangles ? Are you one of the estimated 30% of adults that have dark spaces between your teeth ?

Black triangles in teeth are often due to bone loss and recession of the gum line, or movement of the teeth after orthodontics (braces).  They can make the teeth and smile look old.  Those dark dental gaps can also be prone to accumulate food debris encouraging staining of the teeth and excessive plaque build-up.  In cases where the enamel is perfectly healthy, these needn’t be masked with veneers.  Using a special composite bonding technique, the black triangles between teeth can be corrected and fixed, improving both the integrity of the gum and the appearance of your smile.

Black Triangle Teeth Treatment

image of black triangle bioclear treated

Bioclear effectiveness in black triangle teeth treatment.

Bioclear is a minimally invasive and cost effective dental embrasure treatment using clear forms that are filled with composite material matched to the shade of your teeth.  The forms are removed leaving behind smooth contoured composite that has a beautiful shine and is smooth to the touch.  The form sits just below the gumline so that the teeth appear to emerge naturally.  The light contacts achieved with this system mean that the papilla (the gum between the teeth) is hugged back into place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile. Available in the UK, Bioclear dental treatment is the best way for bonding, closing, filling and fixing the dark gaps between your teeth.

Black Triangle Teeth Before and After

image of black triangle teeth bonding

Black triangle teeth bonding.

image of filling gap between teeth

Filling a dark gap between teeth.

image of black triangle teeth before and after

Black triangle teeth before and after treatment.

image of how to fix dental spaces

How to fix dental spaces.

Claire Burgess is the UK certified Bioclear instructor and offers embrasure closures at Smile Concepts in Solihull.  If you have any of the above concerns and feel that Bioclear is the black triangle teeth treatment that you need to perfect your smile and would like further information please get in touch with us.

See this Bioclear case study. Call the dental practice on 0121 705 2705 or email us.

Are you a dentist with Bioclear equipment and would like further training? You can find out more about the Bioclear Method Composite Courses (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4) held at Dominic Hassall Training Institute, near Birmingham. Dr Claire Burgess is the only Bioclear Method Instructor certified in the UK.