Sunekos Treatments

What is Sunekos?

Comprised of a unique formula of Hyaluronic and Amino acids, Sunekos is a non-surgical injectable treatment that is suitable for use on the neck, face and décolletage, as well as on the arms, hands, knees and inner thighs. This excellent skin rejuvenation treatment that can help you to achieve and maintain your desired results.

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You might notice positive changes in the appearance of your skin after your first Sunekos treatment.

Why use Sunekos?

As signs of ageing start to become more noticeable, you might find yourself thinking about some of the different non-surgical treatment options that could help you to restore your youthful luminosity.

This treatment option can be used to target a range of skin concerns, including ageing, dryness, sun damage, acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of tone.

Sunekos is ideal for patients who aren’t looking for dermal fillers or Botox but would like to rejuvenate their complexion and maintain a natural look.

Sunekos Treatments

  • We offer Sunekos 200 (for less visible wrinkles) and Sunekos 1200 (for more mature skin)
  • Appearance of wrinkles and/or fine lines
  • Skin that lacks elasticity
  • Crepey skin
  • Sun-damaged or dehydrated skin
  • Skin that lacks plumpness and volume
  • Prevent early signs of ageing

Sunekos Cost

  • Skin booster, hyaluronic acid, extra cellular matrix regenerator, regenerates collagen & elasticity – 45 mins – £150 per visit
  • Eyes > 2-3 visits
  • Face > 3-4 visits
  • Hands > 3-4 visits
  • Neck > 3-4 visits 
  • Decolletage > 3-4 visits

Sunekos FAQs

What is the Science Behind Sunekos?

Hyaluronic and amino acids are integral to skin laxity and the unique, fully patented formulation of Sunekos has the ability to stimulate fibroblasts to produce additional elastin and collagen, which are the building blocks of firm, hydrated and supple skin.

The production of collagen and elastin will regenerate the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) and the increased hydration levels in both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin will all contribute to a more radiant, plumped and youthful complexion.

There are currently two different types of Sunekos. Sunekos 200 is an ideal treatment if you are looking to treat the earliest signs of skin ageing. Alternatively, if you have deeper lines and wrinkles or your skin would benefit from some additional support to prevent looseness and sagging, Sunekos 1200 can help you to achieve your desired results.

What Does Sunekos Treatment Entail?

As with every injectable treatment, some mild bruising or swelling at the injection site is possible. Most patients, however, will experience no downtime, with skin recovery taking place within just a few hours.

How Long Do Results from Sunekos Treatments last?

Depending on the level of treatment you require, your skin type and your lifestyle, results from Sunekos treatment typically lasts for approximately six months. Some maintenance is usually recommended between four and seven months following treatment to sustain your desired outcomes.

Some patients will notice positive changes in the appearance of their skin after their first treatment, but the most significant results will become visible once you have completed all four stages of treatment.

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