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What if I need dental treatment while on holiday abroad?

If you’re packing your swimsuit and sun cream and are jetting off to sunnier climes for your holiday stop for a minute and spare a thought for your teeth. No one wants their holiday spoiled by toothache or the need for an emergency dental treatment / visit to the dentist.

image of couple on holiday

Everyone likes to relax and kick back on holiday, just don’t take your foot off the pedal with your dental routine.

  • Prevention is always better than cure.
    Make sure that you are up to date with your dental check-ups or if you have any small niggles make an appointment to see your dentist and get it sorted before you go.
  • Make sure that you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
    Despite recent events, for now we are still part of the European Union and as such your EHIC card will entitle you to the same state funded healthcare benefits as a resident of the country.
    In some cases or countries you may be required to pay for the treatment and claim the money back, so always keep any receipts.
    Check if the treatment is part of their state healthcare or private. If it is private you will not be able to claim through the EHIC.
    In Spain dental treatment is generally not covered under the state system and so the costs are non-refundable.
    What you are entitled to varies very greatly between countries so before you travel check the NHS website to find out the specific details for the country you are travelling to.
    Some countries outside of the European Union offer reciprocal agreements for healthcare provision. This information is also on the NHS website.
  • Always have your own valid travel insurance. Travel insurance policies vary greatly, so check what you are covered for and what your excess details are. Keep all your receipts for any claims you need to make.
  • Consider our Denplan Essentials Monthly Membership Scheme, included in the plan is emergency dental treatment both at home and abroad. We offer plans for adults and children and a family discount is available too.

Everyone likes to relax and kick back on holiday, just don’t take your foot off the pedal with your dental routine. Chances are that your diet will be different on holiday with more ice-cream, fizzy drinks and alcohol being consumed so always stick to your teeth brushing routine; brush twice a day for two minutes and floss regularly.

To make an appointment for a pre-holiday check-up contact Smile Concepts reception team on 0121 705 2705.