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Grow a Mo for Movember

Which moustache shape will suit your face best?

Movember, that month when all around you normally clean shaven men are sporting moustaches to raise awareness of the importance of men’s health and to raise vital funds for men’s health charities.  Moustaches of all shapes and sizes, we should add.  From small, neat Clark Gable style ones to the chunkier Tom Selleck and the more flamboyant Hulk Hogan style horseshoe, or for the very brave the twisted and waxed Salvador Dali.

image of man wearing a mo

Advice on growing and maintaining your Mo this Movember month.

Let’s take a look at which moustache shapes suit which facial shapes.

  • A square face is probably the easiest to work with.  The large majority of men have a square face, those who don’t will be working towards creating the illusion of a squarer face.   The tip is to embrace the angles; a square face will suit a neatly trimmed rectangular moustache with, perhaps, a neatly trimmed goatee to enhance the jawline.  Think Clark Gable or David Beckham.
  • A round face, with a rounded brow and a softer jaw, has fewer angles.  Create the appearance of angles by opting for a long, thin moustache with hard lines.  Growing a beard that is slightly pointed will also create the impression of a more angular jawline.  Think Gerard Butler or Zac Effron.
  • An oval or oblong face can be shortened and squared by a moustache, keep it trimmed and tidy to draw attention away from a long chin or high forehead.  Think George Clooney or Ben Affleck.
  • If you have triangular or heart shaped face opt for a neatly trimmed full beard and moustache to balance your narrower chin with your wider forehead.  Think Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling.

Other facial features can be enhanced or disguised by the clever use of facial hair.

  • Thin lips; opt for a bigger moustache that covers the top of the upper lip, as this will make the lips appear fuller.  Avoid it being too bushy and just grow a little around the corners of your mouth.  Try a painters brush style.
  • Thick lips require a smaller more understated style of moustache so as not to add volume to the face.  Go for a pencil moustache that is thin and very neatly trimmed.
  • Softer features will be sharpened up by an angular, edgy moustache.  Try a chevron or a neat handlebar.
  • A large face needs to be balanced by a large moustache.  A smaller moustache will make your face look bigger.  Be bold and go for a horseshoe shape with a beard attached.

When deciding which style of moustache will work for you consider your lifestyle; do you have the time to keep a high maintenance moustache appropriately groomed?

Help the growth of your moustache by sticking to a healthy diet that is full of vitamins A, B, C and E, which will nourish hair follicles and encourage hair growth.  Exfoliate and moisturise your skin and drink plenty of water.

Complement your face shape and your well-groomed facial hair with a great smile.  Read our tips about brushing teeth do’s and dont’s, covering sensitive teeth cause and treatment, the top ten foods for a healthy mouth and teeth, and more, to establishing a good oral care routine that will keep your teeth in top condition.

Check out the Movember website to learn more about the campaign and for more advice on growing and maintaining your Mo.

Movember is all about men’s health, so if you have any concerns about the health of you teeth, gums or mouth then please make an appointment with a dentist through Smile Concepts reception team on 0121 705 2705.