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Are you scared or afraid of the dentist?

Many people have a fear and anxiety at the thought of a visit to the dentist.  This can range from butterflies in your stomach at the thought sitting in the chair and being asked to ‘open wide’ to a strong sense of anxiety and panic at the thought of an appointment; this can lead to severe anxiety, a phobia and at worst an avoidance of regular dentist appointments.

Smile Concepts is a dental practice with caring and experienced professionals whose aim is to make you feel relaxed and calm through every part of your treatment.

Why do I have a fear of the dentist?
A fear of visiting the dentist can happen for many different reasons.  Here are some examples but your reason may be different and this list is not exhaustive.

  • A bad childhood memory
  • Fear that the treatment will be uncomfortable or painful
  • A fear of needles or anaesthetic
  • Embarrassment about the condition of your teeth
  • Worry about the cost of treatment

Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety it needs to be tackled so that your oral health does not suffer.  There is strong evidence to support the fact that good oral health is linked to your overall health.

Here are some steps that you can take to alleviate your fear of going to the dentist.

  • Your first appointment will be a new patient assessment and this is the ideal opportunity to familiarise yourself with our practice and our staff and for you to talk through any concerns with your dentist.
  • Ask our reception team for an appointment that is first thing in the morning so that you have less time to fret over it.
  • Bring a friend or family member to the appointment with you for moral support.
  • If music helps you relax, bring your iPod or MP3 player with you to listen to during the treatment.
  • Our dentists will be happy to agree a signal with you, such as a raised hand, so that you can indicate when you need a break during treatment.

For extremely nervous patients we are able to offer sedation dentistry where you are awake but in a relaxed and drowsy state so that you are unaware of the treatment being done.
Our friendly team is always happy to discuss any of your concerns and all your treatment options with you.  Contact Smile Concepts reception team on 0121 705 2705 to make your next appointment.