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Six Months Smile

Everyone should be able to smile with confidence

The following information will briefly outline what the Six Months Smile treatment involves and hopefully answer any questions that you might have.

The process will start with a free 15 minute consultation with one of our Six Month Smiles experts Sean Power and Shabneez Mehrali.  Sean or Shabneez will discuss your suitability for the treatment and explain the treatment options to you.

The main features of six months smile treatment are:

  • A short term orthodontic treatment option with the sole aim of improving the appearance of your teeth, such as crooked teeth, misalignment and unsightly gaps.
  • The treatment uses a discreet fixed brace, with tooth-coloured brackets and wires, and focuses on straightening only the front six to eight teeth (the teeth that show when you smile).
  • This treatment takes approximately four to nine months, this is much faster than comprehensive orthodontic treatment which can take eighteen months to three years.
  • It is not a replacement for conventional orthodontics, which will address the position of all of your teeth and address more significant changes to your teeth and bite.
  • Space, if needed, is created by rounding out your arch and tooth narrowing.  This helps to avoid extractions and move your teeth into a better position.
  • In cases where there is a lot of crowding of lower front teeth we will consider the extraction of one of these teeth.
  • Lifelong retention is required after we have moved your teeth, in order to prevent any relapse.  This is carried out using a fixed and/or removable retainer.

The cost covers all the required appointments, from the fitting of the braces to their removal and fitting of the retainers.  It also includes all necessary review appointments, usually every four weeks during the treatment.

If after reading this you are interested in moving a step closer to a smile you can be proud of then please contact our reception on 0121 705 2705 to arrange an initial consultation.