Six Month Smiles

If you would like straighter teeth and a smile that you can be proud of, then 6 Month Smiles® could be the solution for

This is a cosmetically focused treatment option with the sole aim of improving the appearance of your teeth. It uses
a discreet fixed brace, with tooth-coloured brackets and wires, and focuses on straightening only the front six to eight
teeth (the teeth that show when you smile). This means the treatment is much faster compared to conventional
orthodontics, which will address the position of all of your teeth. Six Month Smiles can be used to treat crooked
teeth, misalignment and unsightly gaps.

image of six month smiles treatment

Six Month Smiles treatment, (see before and after), is preceded by a complimentary brief consultation reviewing the options available to you.

As the name suggests, 6 Month Smiles® is a relatively quick procedure, and most results are achieved in four-eight months!

What to do next

If you are interested in improving your smile then the next step is to arrange a complimentary brief consultation to
discuss your suitability and the treatment options available to you. Here we will also be able to give you some
guidance of the fees involved.

You will then need a full examination to ensure that you are dentally fit, before we complete the assessment for
orthodontic treatment. This includes taking photos and moulds of your teeth, and any required x-rays to ensure
there are no hidden problems. Once this has been carried out we are then able to finalise the treatment plan, how
long it will take and the investment you will need to make. In some cases you could be ready to start as soon as three weeks later!

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