Botox Treatment

Sharon Hassall is our director of Facial Aesthetics at Smile Concepts, in Solihull, Birmingham.

Treatment with botulinum toxin -usually marketed under the brand name Botox Рis the most popular non surgical facial treatment used worldwide.

Excessive contraction and activity of the muscles of facial expression can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes (crows feet).

Botulinum toxin blocks the release of the substance (acetylcholine) responsible for nerve impulses which cause muscle contraction. By injecting Botulinum toxin into the affected area the muscle responsible for wrinkling, become less active giving the face a more refreshed appearance. The wrinkles become smoother or may even disappear.
Initial effects can be felt within 48-72 hours with the maximum effect reached in about 2 weeks. A review appointment will be arranged for 2-3 weeks after treatment.



Botox treatment may not remove all lines and wrinkles. Deep set wrinkles that have been present for many years will not completely disappear. The elasticity and quality of your skin will also determine the achievable result. Remember though that a 100% wrinkle free appearance does not always produce a natural looking result.

Botulinum toxin will reduce the appearance of existing dynamic lines however and if you do not currently have visible lines treatment will also delay the appearance of these. Many people are now opting to have Botox as a preventative treatment. Remember though that a good skin care regime is also essential to prevent photo-ageing (sunscreen and antioxidant)

Botulinum toxin is a non permanent treatment and has no known long term side effects.

The effects of treatment generally last for 4-6 months. Botulinum toxin re-treatment is then required.

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